What is the Hill's Canned Dog Food Class Action About? 

The Hill's Canned Dog Food Class Action alleges that certain Hill's Prescription Diet and Science Diet canned dog foods sold in Canada between September 1, 2018, and May 31, 2019, contained dangerously high levels of vitamin D, potentially causing harm to dogs. A settlement of $575,000 has been approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

How Can I Make Sure To Never Miss A Settlement Claim? 

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Am I eligible to get a payout in the Hill's Canned Dog Food Class Action? 

Consumers who purchased certain Hill's Prescription Diet or Hill's Science Diet canned dog foods in Canada between September 1, 2018, and May 31, 2019, are eligible for potential payouts. Eligibility extends to those with valid claims related to dog injuries or deaths caused by the excess vitamin D in the dog food, as well as consumers with valid claims for consumer food purchases during the specified period.

Is Proof of Purchase Required in Order to File A Claim? 

Proof requirements vary depending on the type of claim:

  1. For Dog Injury Claims: Documentation such as veterinary notes, records, test reports, or statements from veterinarians may be required to support the claim.

  2. For Consumer Food Purchase Claims: Proof of purchase, such as receipts or records showing actual product purchases during the Settlement Class Period, may be needed to substantiate the claim. However, consumers without proof of purchase can still make claims for a reduced amount, up to a maximum of $20 CAD.

How Much Money Can I Get? 

The amount of money a claimant can receive varies based on the type of claim:

  • Dog Injury Claims may entitle claimants to reimbursement of screening, diagnosing, and treating costs related to their dogs, up to a maximum of $500 CAD. In cases of dog deaths attributed to excess vitamin D consumption, claimants may be eligible for $5,000 CAD per Settlement Class Member.

  • Consumer Food Purchase Claims may provide claimants with a refund of the full purchase price of the products if they can provide valid proof of purchase. Claimants without proof of purchase may receive compensation up to the manufacturer's suggested retail purchase price for the Products, with a maximum value of $20 CAD.

How Can I File a Claim? 

To file a claim, eligible Settlement Class Members must complete a Claim Form (see below) within the Claims Period, which extends for at least 180 days from the Notice Date. Claimants can submit the Claim Form along with any required supporting documentation. The Settlement Administrator will process the claims and make determinations within approximately 120 days after the Claims Period expires. Decisions made by the Settlement Administrator will be final. It is important to note that fraudulent claims may result in penalties under penalty of perjury. See the Settlement Agreement for more information. 

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About Filing Settlement Claims

Please understand that submitting a settlement claim for payout with fraudulent information will result in the rejection of your claim form. By providing this information and attesting to its accuracy under oath, you acknowledge the potential legal consequences of perjury. It's important to recognize that such dishonest actions not only impact your own eligibility but also negatively affect those legitimately entitled to the benefits of the class action settlement. If you are unsure about your eligibility for this class action settlement, we encourage you to visit the official website of the class action administrator. It's important to note that ClaimClassActions.com serves as an informational resource only and is not affiliated with a class action administrator or a law firm.

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