A proud Irish-Indigenous Canadian, a dedicated father, and a beacon of resilience, Jordan Nabigon has journeyed over a decade in sobriety. His past challenges with alcoholism have not only shaped him but have also carved out a path of immense personal growth that he treads with unwavering commitment.

Jordan is the co-founder of several successful businesses, including Freebies.com Inc, Grateful Media Group, and Shared. His entrepreneurial spirit is matched only by the sincere appreciation he has for the teams he's had the honor to work alongside.It is the joy in the journey, the lessons in every challenge, and the friendships forged along the way that Jordan cherishes the most. These experiences have become the bedrock of wisdom that he imparts in his writing, sharing not as a figure of authority, but as a fellow traveler on the road of life and business.

As Jordan looks forward to the launch of ClaimClassActions, he does so with an open heart, eager to learn from new experiences and to continue building relationships that enrich both his life and the lives of those around him. Every step forward is a step taken with thankfulness for the past and optimism for the future—a journey he warmly invites others to join.