What is the Ford Explorer Class Action About? 

The Ford Explorer Class Action alleges that model year 2016 and 2017 Ford Explorers in the United States may have a defect causing exhaust fumes to enter the passenger compartment. A class action lawsuit was filed against Ford, titled Suresh Persad, Daniel G. Wright, and Robert S. Drummond v. Ford Motor Company, and it is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. While Ford denies wrongdoing, they have agreed to settle the lawsuit. Owners or lessees of these vehicles may be eligible for benefits under the settlement, including reimbursement for certain post-warranty repair costs. The class includes all entities and individuals in the United States who currently or previously owned or leased one of these Ford Explorers, excluding Police Interceptor Utility models.

How Can I Make Sure To Never Miss A Settlement Claim? 

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Am I eligible to get a payout in the Ford Explorer Class Action? 

Individuals and entities in the United States (including its Territories and the District of Columbia) who currently own or lease, or who in the past owned or leased, a model year 2016 and 2017 Ford Explorer sold or leased in the United States are eligible to participate in the Ford Explorer Class Action Settlement. Police Interceptor Utility Ford Explorers from those model years are excluded from the class.

Is Proof of Purchase Required in Order to File A Claim? 

Proof of purchase is not required to file a claim for the Ford Explorer Class Action Settlement.

How Much Money Can I Get? 

The Ford Explorer Class Action Settlement provides various compensation options depending on the specific circumstances of your vehicle and repair costs:

  1. Up to $400 reimbursement for the inspection and sealing of gaps in the passenger compartment.

  2. Up to $400 reimbursement for the installation of a modified exhaust system in vehicles equipped with a normally aspirated 3.5-liter TiVCT.

These amounts may be combined for a single Class Vehicle that involves both types of repairs, even if those repairs occurred on different visits, as long as they fall within the specified time and mileage requirements. The exact amount you may receive depends on the nature of the repairs and the documentation you provide.

How Can I File a Claim? 

To file a claim in the Ford Explorer Exhaust Odor Class Action Settlement, you need to submit a claim to the Settlement Claims Administrator. The process for filing a claim involves providing information about your vehicle and the repairs performed after the warranty period. You can access the claim form and get detailed instructions by visiting the administrator's website, which you can find below. Or, look for the "SUBMIT HERE" button below, click it, and follow the instructions to complete your claim. Make sure to submit your claim within six months after the Effective Date of Settlement or 120 days after the date of the TSB Repair for which partial reimbursement is sought, whichever is later.

Claim Administrator Site

Submit Your Claim: 


About Filing Settlement Claims

Please understand that submitting a settlement claim for payout with fraudulent information will result in the rejection of your claim form. By providing this information and attesting to its accuracy under oath, you acknowledge the potential legal consequences of perjury. It's important to recognize that such dishonest actions not only impact your own eligibility but also negatively affect those legitimately entitled to the benefits of the class action settlement. If you are unsure about your eligibility for this class action settlement, we encourage you to visit the official website of the class action administrator. It's important to note that ClaimClassActions.com serves as an informational resource only and is not affiliated with a class action administrator or a law firm.

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