What is the First Nations Drinking Water Class Action About? 

The First Nations Drinking Water Class Action alleges that the Canadian federal government failed to provide First Nations communities with safe, clean drinking water, resulting in conditions comparable to those in developing countries. This failure has caused emotional, spiritual, and physical harm to the communities, as they faced regular water crises and had to rely on bottled water shipments.

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Am I eligible to get a payout in the First Nations Drinking Water Class Action? 

Eligible class members include First Nations members born before November 20, 1995, who lived on an affected First Nation (see full list) during a water advisory that lasted a year or longer between November 20, 2013, and June 20, 2021. Also, those born on or after November 20, 1995, are eligible if they lived on an affected First Nation during a water advisory lasting a year or longer between November 20, 1995, and June 20, 2021. However, those born before November 20, 1995, are only eligible for compensation going back to November 20, 2013, due to legislative limitations.

Is Proof of Purchase Required in Order to File A Claim? 

Claimants must provide a government-issued ID and supporting documents for specified injuries to prove their eligibility for compensation.

How Much Money Can I Get? 

The potential award varies. Class members can benefit from a $1.8 billion fund for payments, which may be distributed to bands or individuals. Additional payments for various injuries will be paid out of a specialized $50 million fund, with amounts varying depending on each individual’s situation.

How Can I File a Claim? 

Class members can file a claim by visiting the settlement website, FirstNationsDrinkingWater.ca, and submitting a claim form by the deadline of March 7, 2024. Claims must be filed under penalty of perjury, and claimants are advised to read the FAQ section of the Settlement Administrator’s website to ensure they meet all standards. See the Settlement Agreement for more information. 

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About Filing Settlement Claims

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